Aquila d'Oro Garni | Torre Vanga | Trento

Torre Vanga

Torre Vanga

Palazzo del Diavolo

Torre Vanga

Floor: second

room: Single queen size

Sauna: no

This room is dedicated to "Torre Vanga": with the bright colour of its bricks, it is considered one of the most imposing, majestic towers in Trento. A lower battlemented building is annexed to the 39-m tower, giving the complex as a whole the appearance of a fortified urban residence. Outside it is decorated with two- and three-light windows, as if to conceal its original defensive and military function.
An original, cosy ambience.

Amenities: Multi-function shower, 32-inch LCD TV, Sky digital TV, DVD player, 2.1 Hi-Fi system, Wi-Fi Internet access, Safe, Mini-bar.

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